Thursday, August 18, 2011

Repair Printer Rollers

When troubleshooting a printer problem, it is best to take a step-by-step approach. Printer issues may be caused by many different things, from defective toner and fuser cartridges to worn out rollers. If the paper in your printer does not feed properly, or if you experience frequent paper jams, chances are the rollers need to be repaired or replaced. Learning how to examine the rollers inside the printer and repair or replace them as needed is one of the best ways to avoid downtime.


Turn the printer off and remove the power cord. Slide the paper tray out until it stops, then carefully lift the tray up from the bottom and slide it free of the track. Set the paper tray aside.

Reach inside the printer through the paper tray opening and feel along the right-hand side. Find the rollers and note their texture. If the rollers are worn completely smooth, they must be replaced. If the rollers still feel rough, they may be salvaged and reused.
Grasp the roller firmly and pull it off the bar. Clean the roller thoroughly with a clean cloth. Over time paper dust and ink residue accumulate on the rollers, and this can interfere with their normal operation.
Dampen a cloth using warm water and soak the roller thoroughly if a label is wrapped around it. One of the most common problems with printer rollers occurs when a label comes off inside the printer and wraps around the roller. Wrap the damp cloth around the roller to loosen the adhesive on the label, then attempt to peel the label off the roller. If the label does not come off cleanly, the roller should be replaced.

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